Creating a Win-Win Situation for Industry and Academia: NYCU Department of Mechanical Engineering Teams Up with TSMC to Create Semiconductor-Specific Courses and an Instrument Engineering Program

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Tsmc Nycu Semiconductor Specific Courses


The Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) stated on March 18, 2021, that it has cooperated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to establish courses for the Semiconductor Instrument Engineering Program in the hope of strengthening the training of talent for semiconductor manufacturing technology and equipment. In addition to their major program during their school year, students are encouraged to engage in diverse learning. NYCU aims to educate students on the semiconductor manufacturing process and relevant professional technologies as well as enhance the transition between school education and industry practice, thereby enabling them to understand technologies and development trends related to semiconductor instruments and equipment. Talent in the semiconductor industry, mechanical engineering, and other fields of study is gathered together to integrate knowledge and share theoretical foundation, industry practices, and market trends. The course had been officially launched in 2021.

Students of the Semiconductor Instrument Engineering Program may select courses using the NYCU online course registration system. After completing the required/elective course requirements for the program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion issued jointly by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and TSMC as well as given priority to interview for job openings in TSMC. This constitutes a great opportunity to align education with industry requirements.

“Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Technology” is a required course of the program jointly designed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and TSMC. Technical experts and supervisors from TSMC were invited to serve as industry mentors who share practical knowledge and experience as well as industry-leading semiconductor technologies. Said course is open to NYCU students from sophomore year to the second year of graduate study. Students are encouraged to learn about the basic knowledge of the semiconductor industry and explore their own interests.

With 16 weeks of project-based intensive lectures, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Technology mainly introduces the semiconductor industry trends and manufacturing process. The course content includes high-tech factory facility knowledge, the operation of advanced automatic factories, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and technologies. During the semester, a visit to TSMC will also be arranged to enable students to understand how the knowledge imparted in class is put into practice in the industry as well as the difficulties in practice, thereby achieving the goal of knowledge-action integration.

Chairperson Yang Bing-Shiang of the NYCU Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is responsible for the course, claims that machinery is a crucial foundation to all industries. Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Technology can educate students in advance the status quo of the industry, connotation of industry-leading technology, and forward-looking development trends. Students can also integrate such knowledge with their own areas of expertise to make early plans for diverse course registration, thereby laying a unique and solid foundation for the workplace. After graduating, students equipped with strong competitiveness and practical skills can better satisfy the practical requirements of enterprises. The course creates a win-win situation for both students and enterprises.