2021 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition: NYCU Collaborates with the Global Research and Industry Alliance Platform to Demonstrate the Latest Biomedical Research and Development Outcomes

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The annual biotechnology event BIO Asia Taiwan in 2021 started on November 4. This was the first joint exhibition of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) after the merger of National Yang Ming University and National Chiao Tung University. NYCU not only prepared booths with the most abundant themes encompassing three major topics, namely, AI smart projects and digital medicine, health and functional food ingredients, and new drug development and regenerative medicine, but it also had 15 booths, which was the highest in number over the years. The resident companies of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Incubation collaborated with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA) platform to demonstrate the latest biomedical research and development outcomes in an attempt to contribute to commercialization of novel technologies and promote the platform that facilitates applications of technologies resulting from academic research.


The GLORIA was reformed from the NYCU Industry and Academia Alliance. It was GLORIA’s first collaboration with the Center of Entrepreneurship and Incubation of NYCU to hold exhibitions in NCYU thematic booths in the 2021 BIO Asia-Taiwan. In the afternoon of November 4, a joint technology presentation conference was held to report latest research and development outcomes of 9 professors from NYCU, National Taiwan Ocean University, National Ilan University, and National Chung Cheng University, including “Screening of neurodevelopmental disorders-related genes and imaging analysis of neurodegeneration and inflammatory cells” by Professor Tsai Jin-Wu of NYCU, “Automated delineation of brain tumors using artificial intelligence on magnetic resonance imaging” by Professor Wu Yu-Te of NYCU and Chief Guo Wan-You of Department of Radiology of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, “Intelligent image-guiding needle puncture & Whole eye OCT Measurement” by Professor Guo Wen-Chuan, and “Taiwan Intelligent Pollutants Sensing: Intelligent gas sensing chip (I+NOSE) with ultra-low power consumption” by Professor Sheu Jeng-Tzong.


Additionally, in the product technology presentation conference in the afternoon of November 6, Professor Tsai Ying-Chieh of Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of NYCU, who is the authority of probiotics, was invited to share the key role probiotics play in precision medicine and human body. In recent years, Laurel Enterprises Corporation has designed healthy and functional foods for senior populations and introduced diet of precision health. Professor Kuo Jean-Cheng of Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of NYCU introduced the fibronectin of Enhancell (Chia-Son Cell Technology Co. Ltd). NEAT Biotech Inc. introduced a next-generation biosensor platform. The Things Co. Ltd. introduced comprehensive services of food safety management. AgriTalk Technology Inc. introduced the AIoTtalk smart agriculture platform.


NYCU hoped to use the platform to present the latest highlight of industry-academia-research-medicine cooperation linkage and increase technology matching opportunities.


Chinese version: https://www.nycu.edu.tw/news/2779/