NYCU Assists Ukrainian Students to Study in Taiwan Supports by alumni and Taiwanese companies, students not only have financial aid but can learn Chinese in Taiwan

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Study At Nycu Taiwan Admissions For Ukrainian Students


In order to help Ukrainian students whose studies have been interrupted by the war in Ukraine, NYCU launched a fundraising and enrollment project in April. This project has received strong support from various companies and from NYCU alumni. Beginning in the Fall semester this year, it will provide financial aid to Ukrainian students displaced by the war so that they can pursue their studies in Taiwan.


This project provides students with funding that covers transportation expenses when traveling to Taiwan, tuition, accommodation and living expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses students may encounter during their studies. In addition, NYCU also provides free Chinese courses to help students adapt to life in Taiwan. At this point, the fundraising project has received over ten substantial donations from various companies and alumni. Moreover, NYCU’s colleges and departments actively assist Ukrainian students in applying for suitable fields of study according to their expertise.


Dr. Shun-Hua Wei, a vice president of NYCU, said this project is an opportunity for Taiwan as well as NYCU to play a positive role in the international community by delivering humanitarian aid and for the university to fulfill its educational responsibilities on the international level.


Improving the situation for Ukrainian students affected by the war will require both inter-university and international cooperation. Dr. Shun-Hua Wei encourages academic institutions to share information regarding this project with partners in Ukraine and elsewhere so that Ukrainian students can receive the help that they need during this difficult time. More information about how Ukrainian students can apply to study at NYCU is available here: