NYCU supports Ukraine through the fall admission of 36 new students

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烏克蘭留學生包含資訊工程學系尹狄馬(dmytro Ivakhnenkov,右起)、電機工程學系馬莉亞(mariia Leontieva)與機械工程所的歐思奇(oleksii Barabash),協助將訊息轉傳至家鄉
NYCU Ukrainian students Dmytro Ivakhnenkov (Left), Mariia Leontieva(Middle) and Oleksii Barabash(Right) helped spread information about the scholarship to the Ukraine students in need of support


In April 2022, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) launched the Ukraine Program to assist displaced Ukrainian students in continuing their studies at NYCU. A total of 36 new students from Ukraine are expected to arrive in the fall semester of 2022 to continue their degrees in engineering, information engineering, and industrial engineering and management as well as the international program in inter-Asian cultural studies at NYCU.

The scholarships provided by the Ukraine Program will enable Taiwan and NYCU to fulfill their international responsibility. With funding support from over 15 enterprises and alumni, more than NT$40 million was raised for the scholarships in as short as 4 months to assist the Ukrainian students travel to Taiwan. These enterprises and alumni include Cheng-Han Education Charitable Trust Fund, Chairperson Ming-Hsing Tsai of Fubon Financial, TSMC Charity Foundation, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, senior alumnus Stan Shih, GlobalWafers, Phison Electronics, YTEC, Spring Foundation of NCTU, senior alumnus Ming-Hsiung Wu, JPC Connectivity, Verymulan founder Shu-Mei Chang, and Holistic Health Tech.


Polish Prof. Henryk Witek from the Department of Applied Chemistry helped spread the information to the local media in Poland


An estimated 19 bachelor’s degree, 16 master’s degree, and one doctoral degree students are expected in the first group of Ukrainian new students, who will come to NYCU to study in 19 departments across 11 colleges, including the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Computer Science, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Management, College of Engineering, College of Biological Science and Technology, College of Hakka Studies, School of Law, College of Science, and College of Medicine.

Vice President Shun-Hwa Wei reported that the scholarships received support from many enterprises and alumni. In addition to donations, donors helped spread information about the scholarship to the Ukraine students in need of support. Additionally, Polish Professor Henryk Witek from the Department of Applied Chemistry helped spread the information to the local media in Poland and collaborated with the Tzu Chi Foundation, International Rescue Committee, the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Offices in Poland and Belgium, European Union, Europe Chamber of Commerce Taiwan, and Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

According to Director Wen-Hsiang Hsu of the Office of International Affairs, Ukrainian students were scarce in NYCU before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He hopes that this humanitarian program provides NYCU faculty and students with a greater understanding of Ukraine, a crucial country in East Europe, and learn more about the culture and history of Ukraine through long-term, in-depth exchange, thereby paving way for future collaboration between Taiwan and Ukraine. The Ukraine Project will provide both Ukrainian and Taiwanese students an opportunity to improve their international soft power.

Currently, NYCU is arranging the student entry process. The first group of Ukrainian students is expected to enter Taiwan in August or September. NYCU will continue to recruit Ukrainian students to maximize the benefits of the scholarship program. If students are interested in applying for the NYCU degree program, please kindly contact For applying to Spring 2023 Intake, please visit for more details.