Research and Development of Prospective Key Technologies for 6G Mobile Communications: Memorandum of Understanding Signed between National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and National Institute of Communications of Brazil

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Meet Inatel & Nycu Mou Signing Ceremony Google Chrome 2022 10 21 下午 07 38 17

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) and Instituto Nacional de Telecommunications (Inatel), the National Institute of Communications of Brazil, held an online memorandum of the understanding signing ceremony on October 21, 2022. The two parties agreed to conduct international cooperation in the field of 6G Mobile Wireless Networks in the future.

NYCU President Chi-Hung Lin claimed that NYCU is an educational institution and a leader that has long been devoted to the field of communications research and development in Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has facilitated this opportunity for international collaboration with Inatel. In the future, NYCU and Inatel will jointly research and develop prospective key technologies for 6G mobile communications based on open networks. The collaboration promotes prospective key technologies for 6G mobile communications and emerging application research and development, demonstrates Taiwan’s capacity in 6G mobile communications, and drives the influence on the global industry and academia.

Founded in 1965, Inatel has a similar research background in the field of telecommunications as NYCU. The main task of Inatel is to promote research, development, and technological innovation. Located in Santa Rita do Sapucai, the State of Minas Gerais—known as Brazil’s Silicon Valley—Inatel is a critical research institution for Brazil’s information and telecommunications. Inatel works with academia to promote technological innovation. Inatel Smart Campus is an important laboratory for promoting smart city innovation and research.

NYCU deepens cross-border cooperation with Brazil’s top research institutions by signing the memorandum of understanding. The participating research team is interdisciplinary and comprises more than 20 professors from various fields such as electrical engineering, information technology, and humanity and social sciences. NYCU and Inatel will research and develop innovative technologies regarding core networks, access networks, network intelligence, and emerging enabler, in addition to addressing the social ethics issues arising from 6G technology. The possible impact of next-generation communication technology on social development will also be discussed.

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