NYCU Ukraine Program receives a letter of thanks from the representative of the European Union in Taiwan

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Filip Grzegorzewski, the representative of the European Union in Taiwan, tweeted on November 30, 2022, to express thanks for receiving an invitation to the NYCU Ukraine Program appreciation reception dinner. He witnessed the efforts of the NYCU authority in supporting 26 Ukrainian students to continue their higher education studies in NYCU through alumni and corporate donations.

Chi-Hung Lin, the President of NYCU, expressed that NYCU has endeavored to fulfill its international social responsibility after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. Through its Ukrainian Student Scholarship Program, NYCU aims to help Ukrainian students to continue their studies, which were disrupted by the war. The program received enthusiastic support from 16 companies and alumni immediately after its launch, earning over NT$40 million of donation. Furthermore, since the NYCU authority and its students worked together to overcome various challenges and inconveniences such as entry and exit visa procedures, long-distance travel, and pandemic prevention measures, 19 Ukrainian students have been studying in NYCU.

Shun-Hua Wei, the Senior Vice President of NYCU, stated that this program demonstrates the humanitarian spirit of empathy as well as NYCU’s efforts in fulfilling SDGs through specific actions.

Dean Wensyang Hsu of the Office of International Affairs expressed that the 19 Ukrainian students study in academic disciplines covering medicine, electrical engineering, information, management, human resources, engineering, and life sciences. The students received free Mandarin courses upon arrival in Taiwan and were assisted in adapting to the life in Taiwan through various exchange activities during their studies, integrating themselves in the NYCU community.

In the NYCU Ukraine Program appreciation dinner, the participating alumni, business representatives, and professors interacted cordially with the Ukrainian students and paid attention to their schooling and living conditions. The students shared Ukrainian music to enliven the atmosphere of the dinner and introduced Ukrainian culture, food, and traditional costumes to the guests. They also guided the guests to make Motanka dolls, which are traditional lucky charms for Ukrainians. Through these cultural exchange activities, Taiwan and Ukraine get to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions.

NYCU will continue enrolling Ukrainian students for the 2023 Autumn semester, maximizing the goodwill of donors.