New Year Greetings

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Dear faculty, students, colleagues, and alumni,

While we just celebrated the year 2023, the traditional Lunar New Year is quickly upon us; not far behind is the second anniversary of NYCU on February 1st. On this special occasion, I wish you a happy new year and would like to share with you a sneak preview of the main anniversary theme – Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis describes the process of a larva in the cocoon gradually transforming into a flyable insect. We use the word “metamorphosis” to symbolize the transformation of NYCU, a newly merged university. NYCU enters her third year following three key steps: integrating, transforming, and transcending. Together we have achieved administrative integration in the past two years. This coming year we are committed to making greater strides toward the next objective – transformation. Consequently, we are envisioning a “metamorphosis” for the university and all of us who work together for NYCU to excel in future years.

In the past decades, electronics and semiconductors, two of Taiwan’s world-leading crucial industries, have relied on cutting-edge technology to dominate the global market. However, the landscape of IT technology has entered a new era for which a sheer advancement of technology alone is no longer sufficient for the next-generation industry. Instead, the integration of an innovative ecosystem shall become the driving engine to fuel its industry’s development for future breakthroughs.

A valued R&D ecosystem must be dynamic and vibrant, it can assist researchers in gaining R&D funding, deploying IP, conducting knowledge transfer, and acquiring venture capital. Moreover, it can provide efficient management system, promptly and properly set new rules and regulations, critically analyze the social impacts, and effectively accelerate the process of knowledge transfer to the industry. All of the above are essential elements for the development of pioneering industries in Taiwan.

Deepening the tie with NYCU’s alumni is also a niche to drive NYCU’s sustainable growth. We treasure our alumni for they embrace the value of “While we are drinking the water, we think of its springing origin.” In addition, we must strengthen our collaborations with key local and global industries by inviting them to join our ecosystem. We emphasize the “Innovation Economy” by partnering with global enterprises, thus boosting Taiwan’s sustainable development and social prosperity.

Science and technology, medicine, and humanities are the three clusters of NYCU’s academic field. We encourage interactions and resonation among them. For example, management, finance, and law may work together to create new opportunities. Undoubtedly, the empowerment of each and every college to transform would be an exceptional opportunity for NYCU to develop the next-generation industries in Taiwan.

Through our faculty’s efforts, we have completed the submission of the Higher Education’s SPROUT (Sustainable Progress and Rise of Universities in Taiwan) project, in which we prioritize several key areas, including compound semiconductors, quantum computing, cellular regenerative medicine, translational research focusing on medical devices, carbon net zero emission, sustainability, disaster prevention, digital transformation, information security, aerospace technology, engineering medicine, smart healthcare, artificial intelligence, next-generation communication as the strategic areas in the coming five years. Let us dedicate ourselves to boosting these areas to stand out on the global stage.

Thriving in cross-disciplinary innovation would shape the characteristics and competiveness of NYCU. Moreover, it brings us an opportunity to create new technology and industry for Taiwan. May the “Metamorphosis” be with every individual, the whole university and the entire society!

Best wishes to you and your family for a new year of rabbit,

Chi-Hung Lin, President of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University