Visit of Japan-Kyushu Delegation to NYCU for Frontier Semiconductor Research Collaboration

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On February 10, the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted a Japan-Kyushu Delegation to exchange views and pursue collaborations on frontier semiconductor technology. The Delegation contains forty-plus members from the government (Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan), industry, and education sectors, which is unprecedented in terms of both the size and the constituents of the representatives.

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The Delegation was well received by Prof. Da-song Li, Senior Vice President, Professor Zhen-huan Tang, Vice President, Prof. Li-jun Wang, Dean of the College and Prof. Bo-hong Chen, Director of the Institute of Electronics.

Speaking fluently in Japanese, Director Chen, a graduate of the University of Tokyo, shared NYCU’s outstanding performance in semiconductor research and development with the delegation, which led to lively discussions regarding talent cultivation, course design, and connection to the industry. Japanese delegates express particular interest in learning from NYCU’s approach to building a positive ecosystem by effectively integrating academic and industrial resources.

The Chief of the Japan-Kyushu delegation expresses gratitude to the NYCU. “We will connect the academia and private sectors to further cooperate with NYCU,” said the officer from the Kyushu Bureau of Economy and Industry. As the leading university for cultivating Taiwanese semiconductor talents, NYCU is delighted to host the visit and look forward to future partnership.