Anniversary Month in February—NYCU Selects 10 Outstanding Alumni

Teachers and students dress up as characters in Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland and members of Argentina National Football Team to participate in a carnival parade


On February 18, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) held an anniversary celebration event and announced the second batch of 10 alumni recognized for their outstanding achievements. The alumni receiving the honor are Chia-jui Su, who holds the titles of a doctor, lawyer, finance analyst, as well as the general manager of the Department of Health Care of the accounting firm KMPG Taiwan; Li-Pin Chi, who serves as the Director of the Aerospace Department of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology; Allen Hu, the Deputy Political Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications; David Tu, the Vice President of Synnex Group that oversees the development of the information industry in Taiwan; Shyh-chyi Wang, the General Manager of RichWave Technology Corporation; Chi-lung Li, the Chairperson  of the Board of Excelliance MOS; Alan Tsai, the Vice President of Quanta Computer; Kui-mei Chen, who has made persistent contribution to medical fields and is currently the Director of Banqiao Veterans Home; Chieh-liang Wu, the Vice Superintendent of Taichung Veterans General Hospital; and Yao-shen Chen, the Vice Superintendent of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital.

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February 1 marks the anniversary of the merger between National Yang Ming University and National Chiao Tung University. To celebrate this crucial event, the university designates the first week of February following the beginning of the second semester as the Anniversary Celebration Week. This year, the theme of celebration was “metamorph,” which symbolizes the transformation of NYCU after the merger and its efforts to brings forth changes in Taiwan. NYCU President Chi-Hung Lin stated that the university has actively devised development plans and engaged in international competition for 14 major fields, namely compound semiconductor, quantum computing, regenerative medicine, medical device translation, net zero emissions, disaster prevention and sustainable development, digital transformation, information security, aerospace technology, engineering medicine, smart health care, universal artificial intelligence, next-generation communications, and aerospace technology.


The list of winners for the outstanding alumni award also reflected the concept of metamorphosis. Chia-jui Su obtained both a medical degree and a legal degree from National Yang Ming University and National Chiao Tung University, respectively, before the merger. He is the first physician who possess lawyer certificates for Taiwan and the United States, in addition to working in an accounting firm. Su’s career achievement renders him the strongest endorser of interdisciplinary learning emphasized by NYCU. Li-pin Chi has focused on promoting the national defense industry and supporting the policy for the domestic manufacturing of military equipment. In addition, he guides the development of unmanned aerial vehicles in Taiwan and serves as a prominent figure of the aerospace industry. Hsiang-ling Hu is the key figure driving the development of infrastructure for one-day round trips throughout Taiwan via Taiwan High Speed Rail and the construction of the mass rapid transport system of Taoyuan International Airport.

With their medical backgrounds, Kui-mei Chen, Yao-shen Chen, and Chieh-liang Wu have contributed to pandemic prevention and veterans care efforts and are therefore recognized as the proud receivers of the outstanding alumni award. Alan Tsai, Chi-lung Li, Shyh-chyi Wang, and David Tu utilize their expertise as scientists and become successful entrepreneurs who has laid a strong foundation for the electronic industry in Taiwan. Accordingly, the outstanding alumni award signifies the acknowledgment of their achievements.

This year, the anniversary event centers on the theme of “Metamorph”. The various themed activities in the event also transcended traditions. Following the Outstanding Alumni Award Ceremony held in the morning, the bustling Costume Parade event began in the afternoon on the Guangfu Campus, in which 16 teams of teachers, students, and international students from all university campuses presented their creative ideas by wearing eye-catching costumes. Student clubs were also invited to participate in the school fair by hosting their own booths on the campus, and an International Day event was held to promote cultural exchange between local and international students. At 05:30 pm, a dance floor was hosted in the library, turning the usually quiet and solemn venue into a lively place, and a famous DJ was hired to heat up the dance party. President Chi-hung Lin also dressed up as a guest to lead a dance, creating an exciting vibe for the event.