Professor Edward Yi Chang of NYCU won a prestigious academic award bestowed by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan

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Professor Edward Yi Chang (張翼), Dean of the International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST) of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) has long been committed to the research of compound semiconductor. He has been the pioneer in many discoveries in compound semiconductor area including the world’s highest frequency InAs quantum transistor, the world record InGaAs fin fish transistor and Innovative E-Mode GaN power components for fail safe EV applications. His significant contributions won him the 66th Academic Award of the Ministry of Education in 2023.

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Professor Edward Yi Chang is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of III-V semiconductors. He is leading the trend in research and technology in the field of compound semiconductors; as well as paving the ways for the applications of III-V components in the fields of high speed energy saving electronics, high-frequency communication components and high-power electro-mechanical conversion components. He is actively deploying compound semiconductor technologies for the next wave of Taiwan’s industry.

The outstanding performance of Professor Edward Yi Chang in the field of semiconductor technology has long been recognized by his peers at his homeland and abroad. In addition to winning three outstanding awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology, he has previously been recognized by the 2019 IEEE Life Fellow and JSAP Fellow International awards; he is also a Fellow of the Chinese Society for Materials Science and Technology, a Fellow of Taiwan Vacuum Society, and was awarded the prestigious Hou Jindui Science and Technology Outstanding Honor Award. Currently, he is also the center directors of Foxconn-NYCU Research Center, TSMC-NYCU Joint Research Center, NYCU-Win Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center.
Besides academic recognition, Professor Edward Yi Chang is also well known in industry and has won several awards, such as the Industrial Economic Contribution Award and the Industrial Innovation Academic Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as the 27th TECO Award, 42th Lu Tze-Hung award for materials scientist and the 110th Annual “Outstanding Technology Transfer Contribution Award” from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Professor Chang has served the university for over 30 years in different capacities at NYCU including Department Head, College Dean, Director of Office of International Affairs, and Senior Vice President for Research. Congratulations to Professor Chang for another milestone achievement.