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  • Education and Training Announcement

  • Update Date:2023-10-13
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
[Yangming Campus] 2023 QuantStudio 3 PCR System Education and Training Course
General Instrument Course Announcement:
Instrument introduction:QuantStudio™ 3

Lectures – Introduction to Principles and Applications

Lecturer: Thermo Zeng Weiting, technical application expert
Time: 10:30~12:00

Location: First Conference Room, Activity Center 

Practical operation
Lecturer: Thermo Zeng Weiting Technical Application Expert
  • First Echelon 13:30~14:00    Room 467, 4th Floor, Biomedical Engineering Building
  • Second Echelon 14:00~14:30    Room 467, 4th Floor, Biomedical Engineering Building< /li>
  • Third Echelon 15:00~15:30    Room 615, 6th Floor, Tuzi Building
  • Fourth Echelon 15:30~16:00    Room 615, 6th Floor, Tuzi Building
  • Q&A/Experimental Discussion 16:00~16:30    Weiting Technology, Room 615, 6th Floor, Tuzi Building Application Expert
  1. To register online, please go to the Instrument Resource Center website to register.
  2. There are 10 people in each actual operation, and whether the class can be combined will be adjusted based on the registration situation.
  3. Only 2 people can register for each laboratory for a single practical operation session.
  4. The course handouts are electronic, please be sure to download them yourself.
  5. Please pay attention to the time and location, and do not be late to avoid delaying the next class.
Registration starts today, please go to the Instrument Center "Online Registration System"Registration