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  • Update Date:2023-09-11
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
[Yangming Campus] 2023 Flow Cytometry Education and Training
Education Training
Yangming Campus | Flow Cytometry Class
Instrument introduction:Beckman CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer
  • date:
    • 2023/9/18 Online Teaching Lecture (Microsoft Teams)
    • 2023/9/19~2023/9/21 Beckman CytoFLEX
  • time:See poster for details
  • Place:
    • Online lecture (please download Microsoft Teams first)
    • Practical demonstration of Beckman Cytoflex on the 4th floor of the Biomedical Engineering Hall, 615 Tuzi Building, B02 Shouren Building
  • lecturer:Beckman Product Specialist
Introduction to the course content
  • Online teaching lecture: Flow cytometer operating principles and concepts
    1. Please download Microsoft Teams first,After logging in, please enter the department you registered for and your name (ex: XX Department Huang OO)
    2. Those who participate in the meeting for less than 1 hour and register for the practical training course will be unconditionally given up!
    3. Course handouts are electronic, please be sure to download!
    4. Meeting link: Join from your computer, mobile app or meeting room device For conference ID and password, please see the course registration system
  • real machine training
    1. Flow cytometer operation mode (switch on and off process)
    2. Software operation and template setting
  • Precautions:
    1. Only by falsely registering for online teaching lectures can you register for real-machine practice teaching.
      • Be sure to participate in the online course and meet the course hours
      • Those who fail to show up online will be unconditionally cancelled.
    2. Only two students per instructor can participate.
    3. Due to limited venue space, on-site registration or attendance is not allowed.
    4. Those who are already qualified to use the flow cytometer (CytoFLEX) and have participated in practical courses in the past are not allowed to register again. Violators will have their registration automatically deleted.
    5. Candidates are not allowed to arrive on their own without being notified.
    6. Please pay attention to the registration time and location
  • Contact: [ Mr. Chung-Hao Chao 66473]