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  • Update Date:2023-10-31
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
[Yangming Campus] Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR (Opus 96) Education and Training Course
Yangming Campus | PCR Class
Instrument introduction: BIO-RAD Opus96 
Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (Opus 96) education and training
Time Content Period Location
November 16 Online learning courses 9:00~12:00 Online courses
November 17 Real machine operation demonstration Each step is 1 hour, please refer to the poster and registration system for detailed time Room B02, Ground Floor, Shou Yan Building
(You can choose a ladder to participate)

Introduction to the course content
  • Onlineworkshop
    1. (q) Introduction to PCR Principles and Applications (SYBR / Probe)
    2. Precautions before boarding the machine (before)
  • Practical operation demonstration
    1. On-machine setting operation (Protocol / drawing board / personalized module, etc.)
    2. Data analysis and output (absolute quantification / relative quantification / t-test / One Way Anova / multi-disc combined analysis, etc.)
  • illustrate:
    • Please go to the course registration system to register.
    • The website of the online course will be provided before the class, please make sure that the email registered in the center is correct.
    • Only after participating in the online lecture course can you register for the actual machine operation.
    • There are 8 people in each actual machine operation, and a maximum of 2 people can register for the same level and each laboratory at the same time.
    • If you have any questions, please contact the Instrument Resource Center (ext. 65660).