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  • Update Date:2024-03-11
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
[YangMing Campus] 2024 CryoDry CD8 Freeze Dryer Training Course
Instrument Introduction: Freeze Dryer
Date and Time: 2024.3.18 (The instrument program setting can be discussed according to the samples on that day.)
  • Echelon I, 10:00~11:00, Room465, 4F, Biomedical Engineering Building
  • Echelon 2, 11:00~12:00, Room465, 4F, Biomedical Engineering Building

  1. This course is conducted in Chinese. Please contact the center staff for further information if you need to teach in English.
  2. Please visit the Instrumentation Resource Center website for online registration.
  3. Each hands-on session will consist of 5 participants and be adjusted according to the enrollment status.
  4. Each lab can only have two students enrolled in a single hands-on session.
  5. Please be sure to download the manual online.
  6. Please pay attention to the time and place, and do not be late to avoid delaying the next session.
  7. Please get in touch with the Instrumentation Resource Center (ext. 62382) for any questions or changes.
Registration is now open; please go to the Instrumentation Center "Online Registration System" to register.
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