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  • Education and Training Announcement

  • Update Date:2023-09-11
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
[Yangming Campus] 2023 Imaging Core Facility Education and Training
Imaging Core Facility Course Announcement:
In order to strengthen students' understanding of the principles and applications of fluorescence microscopy and conjugate focus microscopy, and improve their image capture abilities, we have launched an education and training course. Everyone is welcome to participate in this grand event!
  1. Physical training courses It is scheduled to be held at the Performance Hall of Yangming Campus Activity Center from 10:00-12:00 on September 25th;Must attend the entire training course, in order to participate in the microscope practical operation course.
  2. Practical machine operation course It is scheduled to be held from September 27th to October 20th. Please see the poster and registration system for details of each level.
  • Please download the handout yourself.
  • Please refer to the course registration system of the Poster and Instrument Center for the time of each echelon.
  • There can be a maximum of three registrations for each practical machine course in the same laboratory under the same instructor or project host.
  • Laser scanning conjugate focus microscopy and special optical microscopy courses require fluorescence microscope operation skills!
  • Notice! If the applicant is absent without reason and does not call to cancel the day before the class starts, the student will be prohibited from making an appointment for the teaching and operation of the instrument for two months!
Registration starts today, please go to the Instrument Center"Online Registration System"Sign up