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  • Housing Center I

  • Update Date:2022-07-27
  • Units:The 1st Housing Center
Highlights of the Convention on Residence Life
The following is a list of the key points of the Residence Life Covenant, please read and memorize the following points

Highlights of the Residence Life Covenant

Students have the following obligations.

1. To maintain the peace and tidiness of the residence area.

2. Not to smoke, keep pets, engage in marketing or missionary activities in the dormitory area.

3. To receive visitors in accordance with this Convention and the regulations of each residence.

4. Do not enter the computer rooms of the dormitories or other areas where notices are posted prohibiting entry without permission. They are also not allowed to enter dormitories, floors, or areas that they are not authorized to enter.

5. Use the common areas, common refrigerators and simple kitchens in accordance with this Convention and the regulations of each dormitory.

Hanging clothes or piling up personal belongings or rubbish in the corridors or common areas is not permitted.

7. Except for a hair dryer, refrigerator, electric heater, or other 500 W power shall not be used in the dormitory

The above instruments. However, this restriction shall not apply with the consent of the management unit.

8. No dangerous or explosive objects shall be placed in the dormitory or be connected to electricity, cooking, or open fire.

9. No person shall occupy the bed of another person or a bed that is not yet occupied, or engage in private trading, exchange, transfer, or loan of a bed.

10. Theft, forgery of documents, obstruction of public safety, damage to public property, assault and other criminal acts are permitted.

11. First-time residents should complete a course on fire prevention and disaster prevention in accordance with Article 15 of the Student Residence Regulations.

12. All kinds of literature should be applied for and posted in the required areas in accordance with the regulations.

13. Clean the dormitory (including removing residual glue) before moving out. If you move out without permission, you should bear the cleaning cost of NT $2400.

14. Do not use the dormitory's resources (facilities) for mining .

15. Cherish public property and maintain the normal use of dormitory facilities. In case of damage, you must report it to the dormitory counselor for repair, but if it is damaged by non-natural or human force majeure factors, you should compensate according to the price.