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  • Housing Center I

  • Update Date:2022-07-27
  • Units:The 1st Housing Center
Highlights of Residence Management
Please read and memorise the following key points of the House Rules

Key points of the Residence Hall Regulations

Moving in and out:

Students should pay attention to the following matters when moving in and out.

Before moving out of the dormitory, students should clean up the dormitory and the public space, and Before moving out, students should clear and clean their dormitories and common areas and pay for all borrowed items and keys.

Students who lose or damage their belongings or keys are liable for damages.

If you are late in moving out, you will be fined 300 NTD per day. If the overstay is more than 5 days, the competent authority may The authorities may revoke the door restriction and empty the bed space without taking responsibility for its safekeeping. The competent authority may cancel the door entry, empty the bed space, take no responsibility for its storage, and disqualify the lodger for one year. However, with the consent of the competent authority, the period of evacuation may be extended. The competent authority may extend the period of evacuation.

Change of Beds:

Applications for change of beds are limited to once per academic year and will be made in accordance with the announcement on the website of the Residential Services Section. Those who do not apply for a change of accommodation within the announced period will be charged a handling fee of NT$250 per person.

If the accommodation fee of the changed dormitory is lower than the accommodation fee of the original dormitory, the student should apply for a refund in accordance with the announcement of the competent unit. If the accommodation fee is higher than the accommodation fee of the original dormitory, the difference should be paid.


If a resident student commits a crime such as theft or forgery of another person's identity card, the unit in charge shall follow the student reward The student will be punished in accordance with the regulations on student awards.

If a student occupies a bed with other people's belongings and does not clear it within the notice period, the unit in charge The unit in charge has the right to compulsorily remove such items and is not responsible for their safekeeping.

If a student who is not a resident or a visitor occupies a vacant bed without permission, the unit in charge shall order him/her to leave. The unit in charge shall order him/her to leave and recover the accommodation fee, electricity and air-conditioning charges on a daily basis; in serious cases, the unit in charge may ban him/her for one to three years. In serious cases, the competent unit may prohibit the student from applying for accommodation for one to three years.

In the event of a major breach of the law, the residence hall management committee may, by resolution, cancel the student's residence status. In the event of a major violation of the law, the resident student may be disqualified from residency by a decision of the Residence Management Committee.