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  • Housing Center II

  • Update Date:2024-03-05
  • Units:The 2nd Housing Center
Result of the 2024 Residence Assignments for the Graduate Students
  1. The accommodation result is issued on the website of the Housing Center.
    • Room “Y207” is meaning room number 207 at Yishuan Dormitory on Boai campus, and so forth.
    • Room assignment 7-205/11-301 means either continue staying at Dorm 7, then still in the same room; or Room 11-301 is the new accommodation assignment when being notified by the Housing Center to move to Dorm 11 starting July, and so forth.
  2. Attention--
    • Period of the 2024 residence accommodations--
      *Summer housing  : after 12:00pm, June 27, 2024~ before 12:00pm August 23, 2024
      *New academic year : after 12:00pm, August 29, 2024 ~ June, 2025
    • For those who have assigned summer accommodations, if you don’t need them, please apply to the Housing Center for cancellation before 17:00pm June 26 (Wed.), otherwise, you will still be charged the summer housing fee.
    • For those who didn’t register for summer housing, please clear out your belongings and check out from the dorm before 17:00pm June 26 (Wed.).  Delay of moving out from the dorm will be charged $1,000 per day.
    • If you want to cancel your housing for the 2024 academic year, please apply to the Housing Center before May 30th (Thu.), otherwise, you will have to pay one-third of the dorm fee starting from May 31 due to the delay of cancellation.
    • A student who is assigned to the Graduate Dormitory 3 should cancel his/her housing in the situation as follows--  
      if he/she does not want to be in residence, within 14 days from the following date since the result of the housing assignment was issued (apply to the Housing Center), otherwise it will be regarded as “occupied residence”.  Cancellation requests beyond the date limit as mentioned above will be regarded as breaking the agreement and he/she will be charged one month of the residence fee for the breach.
    • The payment period for the summer housing fee, June 14 (Fri.)~20 (Thu.), 2024.  Print out the bill on the E.Sun Bank website.
  3. The new students who entered school in the spring semester and didn’t submit the google survey forms will be directly assigned both the 2024 summer and academic year housing by the Housing Center.  If you don't need the housing for the summer or for the new academic year, the deadline for cancellation--please referred to the statement on Items 1 to 5 of Article 2 as mentioned above.
  4. Those who DID NOT submit the Google survey forms, or their response beyond the survey deadline will result in “NO HOUSING ASSIGNMENTS” for the full of the new academic year.