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  • Update Date:2023-04-20
  • Units:Health Center
2023 CPR+AED Education Course
2023 CPR+AED Education Course(★This Course will be using mandarin as main language)
Do you know any first aid skills that can help in an emergency situation? Join our course and lower the risks in your life.

Course Announcement:

★How to Apply?  
Starting today, you can apply at the NYCU Portal -> NYCU Campus -> Health Management Systems -> Event Reservation -> Event Application.

★Who Can Apply?  
Students, teachers, and staff.

★Quota: 40 persons.
("Those who participate in the whole lesson and pass the online test and skill test will be given a CPR certificate. The online test will require participants to use their phone to answer, so don't forget to bring your phone.")

★For questions about the course, please contact Miss Huang at the Health Center (#51104).