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  • Update Date:2023-04-19
  • Units:Health Center
2023 Epilepsy Care Lecture - Warmth and Empathy, Just Understand Me
2023 Epilepsy Care Lecture - Warmth and Empathy, Just Understand Me

The Health Center handles approximately 8-10 cases of epilepsy every year in emergency situations.
We understand the common concerns and questions that people have, and below are some of the most frequently encountered:

1. How should I face my classmates or colleagues after a seizure?

2. Even though I take medication regularly, why do I still experience seizures?

3. How do I deal with the impact of epilepsy on my learning/work? 

4. What resources are available at school to help me? 

5. If someone around me has epilepsy, what can I do to help?

If you have any of these questions or want to know more, please sign up.
(★This lecture will be using mandarin as main language)

Event reminder: 

Event registration: Until the NYCU Portal/Yang Ming Chiao Tung University/Student Affairs Division/Health Self-Management System/Activity Reservation/Event Registration. 
Event target: All faculty, staff, and students of the university. 
Event quota: Limited to 80 participants (for those who participate throughout the event, a 50 NT meal voucher for the second restaurant will be provided). 
For questions related to the event, please contact ♦ Health Center- Ms. Huang  (ext.51104)
  • Contact: [ Ms. Huang 51104]