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  • Update Date:2023-05-30
  • Units:The 2nd Division of Student Assistance
[Common Infringements of Copyright and Internet Copyright on Campus] Please Abide by the Relevant Regulations
Infringement of copyright and copyright on internet on campus can be listed as below-

1. Remake

Direct, indirect, temporary or permanent duplication by printing, copying, recording, video, photography, or other means; uploading, downloading, storing, pasting, reposting, reposting, scanning, burning, and printing via the Internet etc. are included.

2. Adaptation

Create works from the original work by translating, arranging, rewriting, filming or otherwise.

3. Dissemination and transmission

Providing or exchanging the content of works to specific or non-specific publics, and using BT software to download and provide others to download at the same time, also constitutes an act of public transmission.

If you have any questions or for more information about copyright, network copyright, or intellectual property rights, please check on the website of Intellectual Property Office.