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  • Update Date:2023-08-14
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CPR+AED First Aid Education Course Welcome to join
CPR+AED First Aid Education Course Welcome to join

Rescue! Fight for the critical 5 minutes to save a life!

In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, CPR and AED are immediately administered within the first minute, and the success rate of first aid can be as high as 90%; the success rate decreases by 7-10% every night for 1 minute; once the heart stops for more than 10 minutes, it is easy to cause brain death.

Welcome to join!

Date/ Time/ Venue:(Chinese Speech)

1. 2023/9/27 (WED)/10:10-12:00/ Room 216, Zhi Xing Building, Yangming Campus

2. 2023/10/4 (WED)/10:10-12:00/general court 2F,Auditorium and Activity Center, Yangming Campus


1. A four-hour course for two weeks in a row.

2. A certificate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation will be issued to all participants who pass the online exam and technical exam.


Contact Person:Nurse Chang,mailto: