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Account Registration and Access Issues

school personnel Please visit Yang-Ming Campus"Access control and reservation system"Register an account, the system will automatically send a letter to the person in charge of your laboratory for review, and after the person in charge approves, the center will open your instrument reservation and access control authority. Some instruments need to be certified before they can be used and reserved. If you have any questions, please contact the campus extension 62382 and ask a dedicated person to serve you.

off-campus personnel Please call 02-28267000 and ext. 62382 first, and someone will explain it to you.
After registering an account, the system will automatically send a letter to the person in charge of your laboratory for review. After being approved by the person in charge, the working hours center will open your instrument appointment and access control authority as soon as possible, so please confirm with the person in charge whether the review is completed , If the review has been completed, please contact the school extension 62382 to ask someone to serve you.

For off-campus personnel, please call 02-28267000, ext. 62382, and someone will explain.
Please call extension 62382 to confirm whether you need to add the laboratory leader information.
If you have completed the procedures for leaving the school or leaving the school, your access control authority will be cancelled by the school, so you cannot enter the instrument room.
If you are still a teacher, student or staff member of the school but cannot swipe your card to enter the instrument room, please dial extension 62382 on campus and someone will inquire for you.
  1. If you do not have a student ID card or a staff ID card, please contact the Office of the United Service Center with the temporary card to file the card number, and then notify the center to set the access control permission for you.
  2. If you already have a student ID card, a staff ID card or a temporary card with a card number that has been registered with the office, please confirm whether it can be used normally in other access control card swiping systems on campus. If the card still cannot be used normally, please contact General Affairs Office Affairs Group deal with.
Please apply for a replacement student ID card or staff ID card according to the school's regulations. The access control database will be updated uniformly, and you can use the new ID card after you obtain it.
If you apply for a temporary access control card with a general EasyCard, please re-apply for access control with the Affairs Team with a new EasyCard.
In all of the above situations, it is not necessary to re-apply for access control to the center.
In order to ensure that the account information is correct, those who have changed their identities should go to the Yangming Campus again.Access control and reservation system” to re-register to use the account.
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