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NYCY Office of General Affairs

Mail Service

  • Update Date:2023-08-29
  • Units:Office of General Affairs
  • Service hours of postal counters: 08:00 am to 17:00 pm
  • Way of mail collection: Present a valid ID with a photo attached.
  • Locations of mail pick-up:
    【Ordinary mail /express delivery/postcard】: Office or dormitory mailbox of each department and graduate institute 
    【Registered mail/Parcel】:
    • Yangming Campus: Joint Service Center, Traditional Medicine Building (Building A) [1F, reception and dispatch area, Document Division]
    • Guangfu Campus:
      1. Private express, registered mail, and parcel mail: deliver to the place designated by the sender in person.
      2. Registered mail to department and graduate institute by post office: send to each department and graduate institute for collection.
      3. Large parcels to dormitory post office: collect and receive by the manager’s office room of every district dormitory.
      4. Registered mail to dormitory post office: send to the office of document division at the first floor of the auditorium.
  • Webpage of inquiry for incoming mail:
  • Webpage of inquiry for undeliverable mail:
  • Contact window for mail service:
    • Yangming Campus: 02-28267000 #62088
    • Guangfu Campus: 03-5712121 #51605, #51612
  • Matters of attention:
    Way of instructions writing for mail and parcel: Please specify the department, year, student number, and room number of the dormitory (boarding students)
Yangming Campus Locations of mail pick
Yangming Campus Locations of mail pick
Guangfu Campus Locations of mail pick
Guangfu Campus Locations of mail pick