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National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


  • Update Date:2024-07-09
College-Level Research Centers

 ● College of Science
   • Center for Theorical and Computatinal Physics

 ● College of Engineering
   • Advanced Rocket Research Center

 ● College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
   • Center for Nano Science and Technology
   • Tin Ka Ping Photonics Center
   • Brain Science and Technology Center
   • Advanced power Electronics Center
   • NYCU-GWC Research Center for Advanced Compound Semiconductors
   • Wistron-NCTU Embedded Artificial Intelligence Research Center
   • Center for Integrated Electronics-Optics Technologies and Systems

 ● College of Computer Science
   • Big Data Technique Innovation Research Center
   • III-NCTU Joint Research Center
   • Communication Service/Software Laboratory

 ● College of Management
   • Transportation Research Center
   • FinTech Innovation Research Center
   • Logistics & Supply Chain Research Center
   • The Research Center for Taiwanese Enterprise
   • Sustainability Leadership Research Center

 ● School of Law
   • Legal Center for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
   • Center for Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transnational Trade Laws
   • Research Center for Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance

 ● College of Humanities and Social Sciences
   • Interdisciplinary Medical Humanities Research Center

 ● College of Medicine
   • Cardiovascular Research Center
   • Sleep Research Center

 ● College of Biomedical Science and Engineering
   • Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center