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  • Publish Date:2024-05-27
Comprehensive Collaboration! OUK and NYCU Join Forces to Cultivate High-Tech Talent
NYCU President Chi-Hung Lin (left) and OUK President  Chia-Ju Liu (right) jointly signed the MOU.
NYCU President Chi-Hung Lin (left) and OUK President  Chia-Ju Liu (right) jointly signed the MOU.
Translated by Chance Lai
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) and Open University of Kaohsiung (OUK) signed an academic exchange and cooperation agreement on May 24, marking the beginning of the comprehensive collaboration between the two universities in areas such as intercollegiate exchange, educational cooperation, joint faculty appointments, research projects, dissemination of research findings, and sharing of library resources.

NYCU Anticipates Close Collaboration with OUK as Future Talent Demand Surges

President Chi-Hung Lin stated that, in response to the gracious invitation from Mayor Chi-Mai Chen of Kaohsiung, NYCU will establish a branch in Kaohsiung at the Lotus Pond International Convention Center starting in the 114th academic year. This branch will house the AI and Semiconductor College, initially offering two-year post-baccalaureate Electronic and Photonic studies programs and specialized classes for industry professionals. The focus will be on nurturing local talent for the semiconductor and AI industries.

President Lin Chi-Hung pointed out that the demand for talent in these fields in southern Taiwan will significantly increase. NYCU has already formulated short-, medium-, and long-term plans and looks forward to close collaboration with OUK to contribute to Taiwan's higher education and technology industries.

The Role of OUK in Nurturing High-Tech Talent

OUK President Chia-Ju Liu emphasized that this collaboration will support the cultivation of high-quality talent in the high-tech industry. She pointed out that OUK, with its dual characteristics of municipal and open university, offers seven academic departments that can meet the talent needs of NYCU in health management, finance, and law. Additionally, courses are offered through distance learning, making it convenient for students to obtain degrees.

President Chia-Ju Liu further stated that OUK is committed to promoting lifelong learning and adult education. In addition to the seven academic departments, OUK also offers a Department of Technology Management. This department focuses on enhancing students' competitiveness in the job market by emphasizing strengthening professional knowledge related to the high-tech industry through a combination of distance and face-to-face teaching, integrating theory with practice.

Furthermore, OUK's newly established "Department of Health Management and Enhancement" has recruited students since August last year. It offers practical courses such as anti-aging healthcare, Tai Chi fitness, nutrition meal design, yoga, and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, assisting local high-tech talent in maintaining physical and mental health amidst busy work schedules.

This collaboration establishes a platform for resource sharing and academic exchange between NYCU and OUK but also aims to cultivate more high-quality talent for the high-tech industry in southern Taiwan, thereby promoting regional economic and technological development.

OUK and NYCU Sign MOU to Cultivate High-Tech Talent Jointly
On May 24, OUK and NYCU signed an MOU to collaborate on academic exchange and cooperation.