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Student Honor and Disciplinary

  • Update Date:2024-01-29
  • Units:Office of Student Affairs
On the basis of the Guidelines for NYCU Student Rewards and Punishments, students performing well will be rewarded, whereas students with unfavorable performances will be punished to remind them to alter their behavior.
Student awards are of three types: commendation, minor merit, or major merit. Student punishments are divided into six types: warning, minor demerit, major demerit, detention, expulsion, and cancellation of student status. 

Students’ conduct grades are divided into five levels: 
A+ (90–95), A (80–89), B (70–79), C (60–69), and D (59 or lower).

Student conduct scores are calculated for each semester. Each student starts with a score of 85, and students with a conduct score of <60 are considered to have failed and shall be expelled. A score of 95 is considered to represent full marks.

Contact Person
(Yangming Campus) Ms. Wu   Tel:02-28267000 #62212
(Chiaotung Campus) Ms Tsai   Tel:03-571-2121#50856

The regulations are provided below for your reference.