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Student Leave Request

  • Update Date:2024-02-20
  • Units:Office of Student Affairs
When students are unable to go to class, they should use the Student Leave Management System to apply for leaves to the teacher who conducts the class.

Students who fail to apply for leaves according to the regulations or fail to attend class after their application is denied will be marked as absent.

Dissemination of Mental Health Leave and Leave Regulations During Exams.

The school's student leave rules were amended and approved during the 1st Semester Student Affairs Meeting of the 112th academic year on December 14, 112. In order to promote awareness and encourage students and teachers to prioritize mental health, the school has added regulations for Mental Health Leave and related provisions to achieve the goal of promoting both physical and mental well-being. Additionally, regulations for student leave during midterm and final exam periods have been clarified.

Key Points:
  1. Students must provide relevant documentation for all types of leave, except for menstrual leave and mental health leave.
  2. Official leave must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents, including a photocopy of the official document signed and approved by the dispatching organizing unit.
  3. Except for sick leave and maternity leave, leave should be processed in advance. In the case of unforeseen circumstances preventing advance notice, documentation should be submitted within 3 working days from the date of absence to complete the leave procedures.
  4. Menstrual leave due to discomfort during the menstrual period is limited to 1 day per month. There is no limit on the frequency of mental health leave, but an application must be submitted through the leave system, which will notify the student’s mentor, course instructor, or the Mental Health and Counseling Center for care (see attached diagram for details).
  5. Leave is only necessary if there are scheduled lectures; no leave is required on days without scheduled lectures.
  6. Generally, no leave is allowed during mid-term and final exam periods. However, in cases of severe illness or unforeseen emergencies preventing exam attendance, relevant supporting documents should be provided to process the leave.
  7. Other matters: Teachers are requested to assist with
  • Informing students to use the leave system (as it is the only way to notify advisers, course instructors, and the Mental Health and Counseling Center for care or counseling) and to use paper leave forms only in special circumstances (e.g., teacher-defined exam periods).
  • Clearly stating in the course syllabus whether various types of leave will result in attendance penalties to avoid student misunderstanding.
  • Allowing teachers to decide on makeup lectures or exams following student leave.

If you have the need to take leaves or have questions, please contact your department office or the Office of International Affairs for assistance. 

Contact Person:
(Yangming Campus) Ms. Lo       Tel:02-28267000 #62207 
(Chiaotung Campus) Ms.Chiao  Tel:03-571-2121#50857

The regulation are provided below for your reference.