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Student Accident Insurance

  • Update Date:2023-09-26
  • Units:Office of Student Affairs
Why sign up for insurance?
Student group accident insurance is a general group insurance. Students who sign up for this insurance are eligible for insurance claims filed with the provider of the student group accident insurance in accordance with the terms and standards specified in the insurance policy in case of hospitalization due to disease or if they need treatment for accident injuries. The term “accident injuries” refers to injuries sustained in sudden accidents as opposed to disease-related injuries.
How to file for insurance claims?
Students may proceed to the Office of International Affairs and present their student ID, medical certificates issued by hospitals, and receipts (duplicates affixed with the hospital seal are also acceptable) to seek assistance or directly submit their claim forms to the Division of Student Assistance.
Contact Person
(Yangming Campus) Ms. Lo   Tel:02-28267000 #62207
(Chiaotung Campus) Ms.Tsai  Tel:03-571-2121#31566

The regulation and form are provided below for your reference.