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Lost And Found

  • Publish Date:2023-11-28
  • Update Date:2023-11-28
  • Units:Office of Student Affairs
Where can I find lost items on campus?
  1. Go to the Lost and Found webpage of the Division of Student Assistance to find out if there is any item that matches the description of the lost item. If there is an item that matches the description, please contact Ms. Luo(02-28267000 #62207, Yamging Campus); or Mr. Lin(03-571-2121#50041, Chiaotung Campus).
  2. Go to the administration room or classroom near the lost place and inquire. For example, you could ask the guard room near the school gate.
  3. If it is lost on the school bus or shuttle bus, please call and ask the General Affairs Office.
  4. If it is lost on the bus of Academia Sinica, please call and ask the Office of Academic Affairs.
Please be aware it can often take several days / weeks for items to reach us.
The lost items will be auctioned or destroyed if they are not claimed within 6 months after the announcement. Please claim them as soon as possible. Please bring your identity document and come to claim it within 6 months.
Lost and found business webpages of each college
college link
School of Biomedicine and Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Life Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

A master’s degree program in long-term care and management across majors, regardless of department, between the first and second years of the bachelor’s program
Lost and found-1
Ms. Luo(02-28267000 #62207, Yamging Campus)
Lost and found business webpages of each college
college link
School of Engineering, School of Science, School of Management, School of Biotechnology, School of Science and Technology Law, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Information, International Semiconductor Industry School, School of Industry-Academic Innovation Research

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Hakka Culture

School of Optoelectronics, School of Smart Science and Green Energy
Mr. Lin(03-571-2121#50041, Chiaotung Campus)