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Instrument List of Guanfu and Boai Campus

  • Update Date:2024-07-02
  • Units:Instrumentation Resource Center
Guanfu and Boai Campus-Common Instrument List
Number Category Name Specialist Specialist's
Technician Technician's
1 Diffractometer Powder X-ray Diffractometer Prof. Lee, Chi-Shen 31332 Wu, Chen 31333 Room 102A, Science Building 2, Guanfu Campus
2 Analyzers Atomic Force Microscope, VT-SPM Prof. Jian, Wen-Bin 56159 Hsu, Chih-En 56190 Room 009, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
3 Spectrophotometer μ-Photoluminescence System (μ – PL)
μ-Raman System
Prof. Chang, Wen-Hao 56111 Lin, Shi-Chu 56141 Room SC566, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
4 Analyzers Isothermal Titration Microcalorimeter (iTC) Prof. Hsiao, Yu-Yuan 56999 Tu, Chun-I 56903 Room 743, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
5 Biomedical In vivo Imaging Non-invasive 3D in vivo molecular imaging system (IVIS) Prof. Chao, Jui-I
Prof. Chao, Chi-Hong
Lin, Yan-Cheng 56963 Room 743, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
6 Vapor Deposition Molecular Beam Epitaxy System (MBE System) Prof. Chou, Wu-Ching 56129 Wang, Hong-Jyun 56182 Room 657, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
7 Electron Microscope Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) Prof. Wu, Pu-Wei 31227 Ms. Chien, Shu-Chun 55327 Room 103, Engineering Building 6, Guanfu Campus
8 Light Microscope
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Inverted Microscope (TIRF) Prof. Huang, Eric 56968 Lee, Ching 56969 Room 620, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
9 Flow Cytometry Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting System - Beckman Coulter MoFlo™ XDP Prof. Hsu, Hsin-Yun 56556 Ms. Hsie, Pei-Ying 56544 Room 216, Science Building 2, Guanfu Campus
10 Flow Cytometry High-Speed Four-way Sorting System - BD FACS Aria III Prof. Liao, Kuang-Wen 56955 Huang, Hsiao-Hsuan 56956 Room 726, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
11 Light Microscope
High-speed Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - Leica TCS SP5 II Prof. Liau, Ian 56572 Chen, Po-Shuo 56511 Room 601, TKP Photonic Building, Guanfu Campus
12 Electron Microscope E-beam inspection tool, eScan310 Prof. Chang, Yi 31536 Mr. Lin, Tsun-Guang 59495 Room SC030, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
13 Semiconductor Process KD-Sputter-Load luck (Sputter C) Prof. Lin, Horng-Chih 54193 Liu, Ping-Che 54227 Room 304, 3rd Floor, Nano Facility Center (Clean Room), Guanfu Campus
14 Diffractometer In-situ X-ray Diffractometer (In-situ XRD) Prof. Lee, Chi-Shen 31332 Huang, Yen Han 31333 Room E102, Science Building 2, Guanfu Campus
15 Electron Microscope Scanning electron microscope and E-beam lithography (SEM and EBL) Prof. Jian, Wen-Bin 56159 Tsai, Hsin-Lin 56183 Room SC009, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
16 Electron Microscope High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope & Energy Dispersive Spectrometer Prof. Tan, Chih-Shan 54146 Ms. Fan, Hsiu-Lan 55672
Room 710, Microelectronics & Information Systems Research Bldg, Guanfu Campus
17 3D-printer 3D Bioprinter Prof. Li, Ming-Chia 59724 Li, Shih-Han 59724 Room 621, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
18 Mass Spectrometer Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) Prof. Wu, Tung-Kung 56917 Mr. Huang, Rui-Hao 56545 Room 506, TKP Photonic Building, Guanfu Campus
19 Semiconductor Process Flip-chip Bonder
Prof. Chen, Guan-Neng
31558 Hsu, Mu-Ping 54241 Room 135, Nano Facility Center, Guanfu Campus
20 Analyzers High-speed pulse pattern generator: PAM4 PPG Prof. Chen, Wei-Zen 31976 Liu, Yao-Chia 54215 Room 626, Engineering Bldg. 4, Guanfu Campus
21 Spectrophotometer Integrated molecular spectroscopy system (ECD & FTIR) Prof. Li, Ming-Chia 59724 Yang, Chi-Ming 59724 Room 621, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus
22 Biomedical In vivo Imaging Brain Function Imaging System (BFIS) Prof. Ko, Li-Wei 54341 Wu, Yu-Chi 54413 Room 808, Engineering Building 5, Guanfu Campus
23 Analyzers Cryofree Dilution Refrigerator System Prof. Lo, Shun-Tsung 56130 Wang, Chin-Te
Chou, Yu-An
56199 Room 006, Science Building 3, Guanfu Campus
24 Semiconductor Process Thermal Evaporator & Glove Box (TEG) Prof. Tan, Chih- Shan 54146 Gao, Xin-Kai 54218 Room R224, Nano Facility Center, Guanfu Campus
25 Analyzers
/Electrical measurement class
Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronic Probe Station System (EL System) Prof, Kuo, Hao-Chung 56333 Lee, Tzu-I 56354
Room 311, TKP Photonic Building, Guanfu Campus
26 Semiconductor Process Metal Etching System (MES) Prof. Chao, Tien-Sheng 31367 Yang, Yu-Tang 54224 Room R121, Nano Facility Center, Guanfu Campus
27 Mass Spectrometer LCMS Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Prof. Lin, Paul 56941 Chao, Hong-Chu 56941 Room 725, Hsien Chee Bio-ICT Building, Boai Campus